Lonnie Moore International



Provide the inspiration your faculty needs by bringing Lonnie to your school.  Laughter, emotional reflection and real strategies come standard with each workshop.  Expect real change.


Choose from 4 learning options:


  • Keynote Presentations. Keynotes range from 45 minutes to 3.5 hours. The purpose of this presentation is to inspire teachers to embrace the amazing benefits of winning student trust. By maximizing multi-media, real data and powerful story sharing, keynotes are motivational and potentially life changing.   
  • The High-Trust Classroom Two Day Workshop.  Imagine the following scene.  Forty teachers arrive at the start of the first High-Trust workshop day.  They’re all clutching handouts and copies of Lonnie’s book The High Trust Classroom.  Some await the speaker’s arrival eagerly; others grumble that this is just one more “in-service training” they’ll have to endure.  Lonnie arrives with a flash of gusto and the teachers realize that he, like them, has spent time in the trenches.  He has faced student disciplinary issues and lackadaisical attitudes as well – and he has overcome them.  The audience learns how to take a simple five-level blueprint, apply it to their own classroom, and quickly experience the professional and personal benefits of trustworthiness. Teachers will walk away with a personalized “action plan” for increasing trust with students, faculty and parents.
  • The High-Trust Classroom One Day Customized Workshop.  This workshop is a streamlined version of the Two Day Workshop. Participants receive customized handouts and a copy of The High-Trust Classroom.  Lonnie asks for particular school-wide challenges and specifically addresses them.  The day uses customized video integration, collaborative learning to effectively convey the High Trust Classroom methods. Teachers will walk away with a personalized “action plan” for increasing trust with students, faculty and parents.
  • Webinar or other electronic delivery model. Lonnie is very open to maximizing technology as a means of helping teachers develop high-trust classrooms. He will work directly with your technology team to customize a presentation specifically for your teachers.


Bring Lonnie Moore to your school.  Whether you choose to bring him in for a keynote presentation, a one-day or a two-day workshop, your faculty will walk away inspired.  Lonnie presents the high trust classroom not as a utopia, but as a step-by-step reality that can achieved by nearly any teacher. 


Speak with Lonnie about the High Trust Classroom today at 813-215-4941.